In almost exactly 24 hours I’ll be on the plane with my dad and step-mom heading to Madrid. It’s definitely crunch time right now and I’m feeling a lot of pressure to get everything done and still have time to relax and not stress out so much. I’m still not happy with the things that I’ve picked out to bring for the kids in my classes (considering that I only have candy so far to bring…), so I really need to crack down on that tonight and tomorrow… anyone have any advice? I was thinking about getting some photos printed of my family members and my house etc, but I decided that I will just make a powerpoint instead since I have plenty of photos on my laptop already.

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2 thoughts on “tomorrow

  1. Matt says:

    I found some cool stuff to bring today at the gateway arch museum in St. Louis. Since it’s a national monument museum they have a bunch of general american history stuff as well as a ton of books for kids in the gift shop. I ended up buying replicas of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the I Have a Dream speech for $1.95 each, plus a book about Lewis & Clark that is kids level. Best part is that I didn’t have to pay the museum fee to get to the gift shop.

    So if you have a museum near you, go to the gift shop, they are pretty much aimed at kids so they’ll have lots of cool stuff.

  2. we always go on gift shops whenever we want to find something to give on special occasions `:`

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