Daily Archives: October 1, 2010

first day at padre poveda

Friday was my first day at CEIP Padre Poveda. I’m exhausted, but it was nice!

First, I almost got locked in my building… the door was locked somehow and my key wouldn’t turn! Another tenant and I fought with the door for a few minutes and I finally got it open. Then I met another auxiliar a block from my apartment and we walked to the school together.

Once we got to school we had a little mini-meeting with the bilingual coordinator and the other auxiliares to talk about our schedules and other school-related things.

So today I assisted in a large variety of classes/levels. My first two classes were science (living and non-living things in the first class and bones, joints, and muscles in the next). Then I took a 30-minute snack/recess break and I played with a couple of kids on the playground. We had fun!

Afterward I went to an English class and then I had my lunch break. I ate lunch with a few teachers and the other auxiliares down the street from the school. I finished up with two 1st grade classes full of kids that were ready to go home! Haha. They were definitely the hardest to handle, but I did my best.

On Tuesday I go to CEIP Frederico García Lorca and I’m sure that the commute will be a bit tough… we’ll see! I have to go pretty far out of the Madrid city center (Colmenar Viejo to be exact). I might have to wake up really early…