Yesterday I went with Dad to the airport and right after I left I started to feel homesick. While they were here it felt like we were just on vacation, but now that I’m all by myself I feel a lot different. I feel really lonely and a bit out of place. Don’t get me wrong, I have a couple of friends here, but hardly any so far. My roommates have been awesome, but they work full-time and they spend a lot of their free time with their boyfriends so I can’t just tag along with them all the time. I know this feeling will pass, but I’m definitely going through a rough patch right now.


2 thoughts on “homesick

  1. Adrian says:

    You’ll probably feel settled in soon. We’ll be right here online waiting to find out.

  2. French says:

    Aww I’m sorry babe! I know the feeling, and it’s terrible! That’s the worst part about going somewhere new by yourself… However, you’ll feel at home b4 you know it. And knowing you, you’re going to start making friends like noone’s business!!! My guess is that you’ll average 2 new friends a day 🙂 Love and miss you ❤

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