Daily Archives: October 5, 2010

second first day haha

Today was my first day at CEIP Federico García Lorca. It was fantastic!
My day started when I woke up in the living room. Why? I had to move all of my stuff (including my bed) into the living room because my floor is being repaired. Not so bad really… anyways – I took the metro to the bus station, got lost a bit, but met up with the other 3 teachers from my school while we waited for the bus to arrive. The commute all together plus waiting for the bus etc took about an hour and 15 minutes.

I only taught 5th graders today (and that’s all I’ll be teaching at this school). Having all older kids was very interesting! Some of the questions/comments I was asked/given:

Do you like Lady Gaga? Do you have a boyfriend? You look like Hannah Montana! What is your favorite soccer team? You are prettier in person than your picture on your driver’s license. (etc)

The kids were okay for the most part, although some were a bit disruptive and hyper. During lunch, I played on the playground a lot with the kids and they talked my ears off (in a good way!). It was so cute!! They told me about their little preteen gossip magazine that they had and all of the games that the other kids were playing.

After class I took the bus back to Madrid and caught the metro to head back to my apartment. A guy on the metro was totally drinking a beer! Haha
I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to tell later .