Daily Archives: October 7, 2010


My day at FGL (I’ll start using acronyms haha) was pretty much just like Tuesday, only I had a meeting and I did a lot more planning and organizing with Ana (the teacher I work with) for Halloween and other upcoming holidays.

My last class of the day was 5th grade English. When the class started I noticed that one of the little boys looked really sad and like he was about to cry so I told Ana and she went over to investigate.

She said “You’ll never believe what he told me. I didn’t expect that!” Then she told me that he had spent all of his recess time (about one hour) taking care of a ladybug farm that he made. He had a favorite ladybug and one of the other kids killed it! He was crying in class and wouldn’t talk. It was so sad!! Aw.

On the bus ride home I felt really carsick, so I’m going to start taking Dramamine after lunch! It was bad on Tuesday too because I had to face backwards. No good!