comfort food weekend

This weekend was very “American” food oriented, and it was great! Jackie and I went to an American store in town and we bought baking soda and powder (since they are hard to come by) for making different things, some pancake syrup, bisquick, Mexican salsa, POPTARTS!!, and a few other items that we’ve been missing.

Jackie spent the night on Saturday and I made pancakes in the morning. They were just like the ones I make at home! It was nice, and it made me feel like I was at home.

The next step is to make some biscuits! Before I do that, I want to find an oven thermometer. The oven I have in the apartment is so old that it either never had the degrees on the knob, or they have been worn off. Who knows? Baking is precise though, so I don’t want to just hope for the best and crank up the dial. More to come on the baking front, I’m sure!

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2 thoughts on “comfort food weekend

  1. Holly says:

    I wonder why baking soda and powder are scarce there. They’re pretty necessary for baking! Weird. :/

    I’m glad you enjoyed your pancakes and are no longer scared of your oven!

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