21.5 hour journey to the atllllll

I got to Atlanta on Thursday night after 21.5 hours of traveling… and I’ve never been happier to be home! The flight was pretty uneventful until the captain SANG over the intercom as we were approaching the airport in London. It was cute!! I had a few hours to check out the airport, so I ate a little bit and did some duty-free candy shopping.

After all of that goodness, I sat at my gate to wait for my plane. After a few minutes, I heard someone say “Can I sit next to you?” I looked up and it was my friend Hannah from my university!!! She has spent the last year in Denmark and she was coming home at the same time. What a small world!!

The flight from London to Madrid was kind of miserable, but I always hate long hauls like that. My back hurts from the seats and I can hardly sleep… but I made it! The airline left Hannah’s bag in London, so she had to sort that out. Then the ATL airport put my bag on the wrong belt after I went through customs and rechecked my bag (hard to explain if you aren’t familiar with Hartsfield-Jackson)… but I found it after an hour! So all is good.

And now it’s snowing! This is the first white Christmas that I can remember having! I got a lot of nice presents and everyone liked what I brought for them from Spain (or they are good at pretending! ).

I’m very glad to be home and I’m extra happy that I get to spend a lot of time here before school starts again!

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