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Sooo remember when I told you that it was getting hot in Madrid? Yeah… it’s bad. I’m finding it really hard to sleep at night, but I’m getting a routine. First, my window stays open 24/7. During the day I lower my persianas (awesome blinds) so that the sun doesn’t get in but some air can still get in.

(imagine these blinds but with holes in them… they look like metal like mine, but I’m not sure)

In the afternoon I lift them and “enjoy” the cooler night temperatures (which is still way to hot to sleep in). Another key element to this recipe is the POOL! I’ve been going to the pool more than I have ever gone in my life! I’m not such a tan person, but I think I’m probably the darkest that I ever remember myself being. I’m so freckly!!

Another thing that I’ve done to beat the heat is go to the beach! I went to Valencia and Lisbon (again) in the past month or so. Here are some pictures!

(beach in Valencia with my friend Nikki)

(Cascais – just outside of Lisbon)

For the last week I’ve been working at a camp outside of Madrid. It’s really tough! I had two five-year-olds, one four-year-old, and a three-year-old. When the kids are so young you have to be creative to keep them interested. Also, when one acts up you have to stop the others from following their lead! I’ll continue the camp for the next two weeks and then I have two weeks off to pack and get ready to go back to the states for a bit! I’m hoping that my mom and step-dad can come visit during that time. I can’t wait to show them my city!

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One thought on “catch up post

  1. Coco Moore says:

    HOT! I remember when I was in Anita Picas’s Spanish class in like 2003 there was a huge heat wave in Spain. She was saying that most buildings don’t have AC and that it was so hot people were having heat strokes and stuff. 😦 I CERTAINLY hope that it’s not that hot and you don’t melt and/or stroke out! Looks like you’re having fun, instead!

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