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On Monday we went to Aveiro. If you look on the map, it is just south of Porto on the coastal side. We took a train from Porto to get there and it was only 5,60 roundtrip. Not bad! Each way was about one hour.
Aveiro is famous for a couple of things, one of them being ovos moles. We had to get some!

They are made from egg yolks and sugar. The texture was a bit weird to me, but I enjoyed the taste. They mold them into a bunch of different shapes. I think I had a pinecone-shaped one.
Aveiro has a canal system, which was nice to see! We didn’t do a boat tour, but I snapped a quick photo.
While we were there we toured the university campus, went shopping, ate a lot of sweets, and took a bajillion photos. Overall it was a nice place, but I didn’t think that there was so much to do there. I would definitely recommend it as a daytrip and nothing longer.
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