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Christmas in Spain

The countdown begins! In 12 days I will be in the states to celebrate Christmas with my family. I’m so excited to see everyone and to eat some good holiday food!

Christmas starts early here in Spain! What I told my co-workers was that we usually don’t even think about Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving, but since they don’t have Thanksgiving here, it doesn’t work that way! They put up Christmas lights in November and they are all so pretty (although some are weird!). Check out this video that I made of some “different” Christmas lights. Sorry it’s so short!

I’ll make sure to take a lot more photos of Christmas lights! Here are the ones I have so far.

Christmas Tree at Sol (center of the city)

Orbs? on a side street at Sol (blurry, sorry!)

Lights at Callao

Lights on Gran Vía (a very large, busy street)

Lights at the mall!

In art we made little Christmas trees with some heavy cardboard-like paper and buttons. Here’s mine!

And then there are the finger puppets that the 1st graders made… Here are mine!

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