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“thanks for your colaboration”

First, and super important, sorry for the radio silence!

Second, kids say the darndest things! This week was a laughfest for me, and I am certain that you want to hear all about it… right?? 🙂

“You are like blue. You don’t work.” This student was comparing me to her dried-up blue dry erase marker. Hmm…

“Thanks for your colaboration.” The same student quotes above dropped her pencil under my chair and asked me to pass it to her. This is what she said after I handed it to her. (She’s 8.)

“Buttocks! Buttocks! Buttocks!” This student learned the word “buttock” when classifying body parts as part of the head/trunk/limbs in my private class and decided to run around the classroom the next day pointing to her own “buttocks” and repeating the word several times.

Good stuff, right? Soon I’ll upload some pictures of the Valentine’s cards that I received from students. They are definitely worth the wait!

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This is quite possibly one of the best blog posts that I have ever read. It’s about the author’s hilarious experiences in a German class. Teachers and students alike will enjoy this one! 🙂 I can really see myself (and some of my students) in this… creativity is a must when learning a new language. Enjoy!

“Unfortunately, Pants”

ready for a nice laugh?

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grocery store adventure of the day

This charming little guy is called a “Rape” (Monkfish in English). Isn’t he precious? His best friends are “Calamares” and “Pulpo” (Squid and Octopus). They are such a cute bunch…

Grocery shopping is always a fun experience here in Madrid!

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private lesson and T.G.I. Friday’s… on Friday

On Friday I started giving private lessons to a 5 year-old and a 7 year-old (siblings) near my apartment. The kids were really sweet! I did 30 min with the girl, 30 min with the boy, and then 30 min with them together. Separated, they were really attentive, but together was pretty difficult. Once I figured out a way to get them to pay attention it wasn’t so bad! When I left, they asked me “¿Vas a regresar otro día (Are you coming back another day)?” When I told them yes, the little girl goes “¿Mañana (tomorrow)?” She was disappointed when I told her that it’d be the next Friday. It was so cute!!

After the lesson, I headed over near the Real Madrid stadium to meet up with the guy that got me the job to tell him how the class went. Funny story really! I met him on Thursday night at an event and he told me that he needed someone to teach a class. I got his business card and checked out the website the next morning. By that afternoon I had a job! Networking is a good thing, guys! Teaching private English lessons here is really profitable if you do it right. I’m thinking about picking up one more class to get a little more extra money.

After my little “meeting,” Jackie and I went to T.G.I. Friday’s… and wow, it was funny. We saw a guy that looked like a Jedi Knight (braided rat tail and all), a man wearing a sequined beret, and some dude wearing a fez. I ate REAL buffalo wings, too! It was an entertaining experience to say the least.

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