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final halloween post

Jackie and I went out last night for Halloween. We were a bit disappointed… there weren’t so many people dressed up where we were. People kept staring at us the whole night, and it was both uncomfortable and entertaining.

People seriously looked at us and their mouths would drop open or they’d make a face… it was weird, yet funny. My roommate said that I should have gone to typical “American” places, because they all had parties etc going on. Jackie and I just picked an area with a lot of people… you live, you learn! Haha



Today we got to give out prizes for the pumpkin carving contest at my school in Colmenar Viejo.  They were all so good! I was really impressed when I looked at all of the entries. Everyone who participated got to pick out a prize and they also received a certificate from the school. The other auxiliares and I went around to every class this morning and we gave out all of the prizes (balls, marbles, stickers, spider man notebooks, glittery pens and pencils, etc). The kids were so excited!! I really enjoyed seeing how happy they were!

After that I did a lot of Google-ing for my afternoon class, because my 3rd class of the day had a test. I ended up finding a short story, a crossword, and a word search for them. I don´t think I´ll need it all, but it´s always good to be prepared!

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a little bit of Halloween

Today in class I laughed SO hard. On Thursdays (at FGL) the classes take turns having one hour of art (each Thursday the classes alternate). This week and last week we decorated pumpkins to hang on the corkboard in the classroom since Halloween is getting close.


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The teacher I work with, Ana, had some Halloween music that she played while we worked with the kids. Some of the songs made me laugh, but the funniest thing was when I put the ¨Thriller¨video on from youtube and EVERY single student knew the words. That´s amazing! These kids are 9-11 years old and they know a song from 1982(ish). It´s really interesting to see what these kids know about US culture and what they don´t know.

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