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thanksgiving in madrid

Here are some photo highlights of my Thanksgiving celebration in Madrid…

The turkey. Finding a turkey in Madrid isn’t sooo hard… it’s just finding one that isn’t 18kg (just under 40 lbs) or another way-to-big size that can be an issue. This turkey was big, but not toooo big!

Our food. Biscuit, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn bread/caserole, green bean caserole, and turkey!

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vacations, how relaxing?

So I’ve been at home in the States for just under 2 weeks now. I still don’t feel like I’ve gotten over the jet lag, and once it gets better I’ll just leave again this weekend. I’ve been running all around visiting and picking up a few things that I need before I head back to Spain, and it’s wearing me out a bit! I made a list of things that I needed/wanted from the States and restaurants that I had to visit. So far only one thing is left on my list of things to buy, and that is really good! I had a lot of things on there… some of the items making it back to Madrid are:

And a few more things.


If you moved to another country, what would you miss the most?


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