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12 days to go!

In 12 days I leave the States to go back to Europe and in 15 I’ll be back in my lovely apartment in Madrid. I’ve been enjoying my time with my family and friends here, but I’m also feeling really antsy. I’m ready to work again and to have a real schedule. I’m ready to organize my new apartment and be more independent. I’m ready to live alone, although that seems a bit scary as well as exciting. I’ve never lived alone before! I’m hoping that I’ll have plenty of time to reflect on my experiences and maybe 1) read more 2) WRITE MORE BLOG ENTRIES (haha) and 3) have more “me” time to do whatever else I need to do.
Any tips for someone who is living along for the first time?

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georgia on my mind, pecans, peaches, pine trees… more georgia clichés

The long-awaited “I’m back in the states” post… dun dun dun!

So I’ve been visiting the motherland for the past month, and I must say that I am enjoying it! I’ve missed my family and speaking English in my natural habitat! I’ve been driving all over the place, eating tons of foods that I crave while in Spain (photo examples to follow), and just relaxing WITH A/C! What a life! I’ve been spending tons of time in my old university town because this trip has made me realize that I don’t really know anyone near my parents’ houses… sad thought! Everyone is moving away, still studying, or just M.I.A.! I still know quite a few people in Athens, GA (where I studied), so I can’t stay away!

And now the anticipated food section. What foods did I miss the most? Check them out!

Steak… that looks just like this! Not “al punto,” not “vuelta y vuelta,” but in the middle! I fight  a lot about meat temperatures in Madrid, but I can never get it just right! Medium-rare just doesn’t exist there.

Big Zak Snack… mmmm… this is no ordinary chicken, people! It’s delicious. The fry seasoning is really what does it for me… I used to ask for little containers of it and I put it on EVERYTHING for a few months. It was totally worth it.

Southern sweet tea (Although I do a half-and-half mixture of sweet and unsweet tea)!! If you haven’t had it, you are missing out! I could make it in Madrid, but it’s just not the same! I am bringing Lipton tea bags with me when I return… we’ll see how it ends up!

Last but not least, Chick Fil-A waffle fries. Need I say more? They are perfect. And awesome. Perfectly awesome. 🙂

And those, my friends, are the main things that I HAD to eat/drink when I came home. Did I make anyone hungry? What would you miss if you lived abroad?

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vacations, how relaxing?

So I’ve been at home in the States for just under 2 weeks now. I still don’t feel like I’ve gotten over the jet lag, and once it gets better I’ll just leave again this weekend. I’ve been running all around visiting and picking up a few things that I need before I head back to Spain, and it’s wearing me out a bit! I made a list of things that I needed/wanted from the States and restaurants that I had to visit. So far only one thing is left on my list of things to buy, and that is really good! I had a lot of things on there… some of the items making it back to Madrid are:

And a few more things.


If you moved to another country, what would you miss the most?


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21.5 hour journey to the atllllll

I got to Atlanta on Thursday night after 21.5 hours of traveling… and I’ve never been happier to be home! The flight was pretty uneventful until the captain SANG over the intercom as we were approaching the airport in London. It was cute!! I had a few hours to check out the airport, so I ate a little bit and did some duty-free candy shopping.

After all of that goodness, I sat at my gate to wait for my plane. After a few minutes, I heard someone say “Can I sit next to you?” I looked up and it was my friend Hannah from my university!!! She has spent the last year in Denmark and she was coming home at the same time. What a small world!!

The flight from London to Madrid was kind of miserable, but I always hate long hauls like that. My back hurts from the seats and I can hardly sleep… but I made it! The airline left Hannah’s bag in London, so she had to sort that out. Then the ATL airport put my bag on the wrong belt after I went through customs and rechecked my bag (hard to explain if you aren’t familiar with Hartsfield-Jackson)… but I found it after an hour! So all is good.

And now it’s snowing! This is the first white Christmas that I can remember having! I got a lot of nice presents and everyone liked what I brought for them from Spain (or they are good at pretending! ).

I’m very glad to be home and I’m extra happy that I get to spend a lot of time here before school starts again!

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t minus 24 hours and counting

In 24 hours I will be landing in Atlanta – joy! I can’t wait to spend the holidays with my family! Three months without them is tough!

More to come!

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