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rock star christmas

Santa Claus with a little girl

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Yesterday was hilarious! As in every class ever, we started listening to Christmas songs to get ready for Christmas.  In my 2nd grade class at Padre Poveda we’ve been practicing “Holly Jolly Christmas” with the kids, because they are going to sing it on stage for the Christmas show that the school is having. In order to keep them interested, we’ve also been playing other songs. Here are some examples:

“I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” – Since the kids had never heard this one, it was just me singing it to them with this youtube video…. BUT THEY LOVED IT!

Even though they loved the hippopotamus song, this one was the crowd-pleaser.

They LOVE the rock version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” I had them on the floor playing air guitar, jumping around, and even playing the air drums. I jumped around and sang with them too of course! Even the shiest kids were jammin’!!

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a little bit of Halloween

Today in class I laughed SO hard. On Thursdays (at FGL) the classes take turns having one hour of art (each Thursday the classes alternate). This week and last week we decorated pumpkins to hang on the corkboard in the classroom since Halloween is getting close.


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The teacher I work with, Ana, had some Halloween music that she played while we worked with the kids. Some of the songs made me laugh, but the funniest thing was when I put the ¨Thriller¨video on from youtube and EVERY single student knew the words. That´s amazing! These kids are 9-11 years old and they know a song from 1982(ish). It´s really interesting to see what these kids know about US culture and what they don´t know.

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