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tears! ahhh

I had an interesting conversation today with a friend about lying. Today in class a boy cried because I caught him in a lie. We read a book and I told the class to write a summary about the book in their own words. I stressed that it did not mean copying from the book. Towards the end of the class, one boy had a really long summary. Feeling a bit suspicious, I asked him “Did you copy this from the book?” and of course he said no. I read the summary that he had written and it was the EXACT same as the book. I told him that he should think of his own words instead of copying the book and cheating and he still didn’t admit to copying the book. This went on for a while and eventually I gave him a new sheet of paper to start over. He cried for a while and it made me a bit sad.

Right after that class I had lunch, so I texted a friend to tell him what happened. I felt bad about making the kid cry, but he DID lie… My friend told me that “to lie is a contradiction in itself and it springs out of fear. Explain to him that he shouldn’t be afraid of you..it’s what they learn from their parents, it’s not your or their fault. Teach them that they can tell the truth. That’s the biggest lesson you can teach a kid.”

It made me think a lot. When you’re young, you think that lying will get you out of trouble, but it usually makes things worse. It’s a sad feeling that kids are so scared to get into trouble that they will lie to try to make things better. I try to be as honest as possible, but I still harbor that same fear at times about hurting someone’s feelings or seeming like a mean person if I tell the truth. Human nature is weird, as well as society. I still try to be as honest as possible, but I fear that people will view me differently if I tell the truth, even if it’s not so pleasant.

Tell me your thoughts!

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rock star christmas

Santa Claus with a little girl

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Yesterday was hilarious! As in every class ever, we started listening to Christmas songs to get ready for Christmas.  In my 2nd grade class at Padre Poveda we’ve been practicing “Holly Jolly Christmas” with the kids, because they are going to sing it on stage for the Christmas show that the school is having. In order to keep them interested, we’ve also been playing other songs. Here are some examples:

“I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” – Since the kids had never heard this one, it was just me singing it to them with this youtube video…. BUT THEY LOVED IT!

Even though they loved the hippopotamus song, this one was the crowd-pleaser.

They LOVE the rock version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” I had them on the floor playing air guitar, jumping around, and even playing the air drums. I jumped around and sang with them too of course! Even the shiest kids were jammin’!!

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first day at padre poveda

Friday was my first day at CEIP Padre Poveda. I’m exhausted, but it was nice!

First, I almost got locked in my building… the door was locked somehow and my key wouldn’t turn! Another tenant and I fought with the door for a few minutes and I finally got it open. Then I met another auxiliar a block from my apartment and we walked to the school together.

Once we got to school we had a little mini-meeting with the bilingual coordinator and the other auxiliares to talk about our schedules and other school-related things.

So today I assisted in a large variety of classes/levels. My first two classes were science (living and non-living things in the first class and bones, joints, and muscles in the next). Then I took a 30-minute snack/recess break and I played with a couple of kids on the playground. We had fun!

Afterward I went to an English class and then I had my lunch break. I ate lunch with a few teachers and the other auxiliares down the street from the school. I finished up with two 1st grade classes full of kids that were ready to go home! Haha. They were definitely the hardest to handle, but I did my best.

On Tuesday I go to CEIP Frederico García Lorca and I’m sure that the commute will be a bit tough… we’ll see! I have to go pretty far out of the Madrid city center (Colmenar Viejo to be exact). I might have to wake up really early…


pre-work visit

Today Dad, Peggy, and I went to CEIP Padre Poveda to see the school and meet some teachers/staff before I start work tomorrow morning. Getting there wasn’t hard at all and everyone was SO nice!! I didn’t know where to go or anything, so I rang the bell and I just hoped that whoever answered would know where to send me when they buzzed me in.

I got to meet a few people that I will be working with and I got to see some of the kids in the hallway. They were so adorable! All of the younger kids and their teachers were wearing smocks and that made Dad really excited. He said that he hopes that I will have to wear one too… I asked the bilingual coordinator and she said that I could if I wanted to, but I didn’t have to. Pictures of that to come… haha

After checking out the school we walked towards my apartment and checked out the neighborhood (Prosperidad). The walk to my school from the apartment is probably about 15 minutes and I stay on the same two roads the whole time. Pretty convenient I must say! I’m so excited to meet more people tomorrow and to start working with the kids!!

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