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Bruges, part two! more photos

We went on a boat ride!! That is one of my favorite shots from the 30 minutes of bliss. I love the brick with the red door!

The red and green ivy is gorgeous! I’ve taken a bajillion photos of it so far. Not ashamed!

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Today I arrived in Bruges. The city is beautiful!! Getting here is usually pretty easy, but of course I had some issues.

First, we flew into Brussels. From Brussels you must take a train to Bruges. My dad got the tickets and said that our train would leave in 5 minutes so we hurried to the platform. We get to the train after hearing a whistle and I get on the train first. That seems pretty easy, right? WRONG. I get on the train and the doors close immediately after me and my dad and step-mom are left on the platform… with my ticket. Sooo I was on a train, in Brussels, without my train ticket, and also without my parents (duh). So I did what any smart girl would do… hope that the nice-looking mom and daughter next to me spoke English. I’m lucky because they did! They helped me out and they were actually going to Bruges as well. I didn’t know where to meet my parents as we went through many train stations, so I decided to meet them in Bruges. Good thing I had my Spanish SIM with me, because otherwise I wouldn’t have had a way to call my dad.

It all went alright, but it was a bit stressful at first! This city is gorgeous! Check out some photos!

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