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pre-work visit

Today Dad, Peggy, and I went to CEIP Padre Poveda to see the school and meet some teachers/staff before I start work tomorrow morning. Getting there wasn’t hard at all and everyone was SO nice!! I didn’t know where to go or anything, so I rang the bell and I just hoped that whoever answered would know where to send me when they buzzed me in.

I got to meet a few people that I will be working with and I got to see some of the kids in the hallway. They were so adorable! All of the younger kids and their teachers were wearing smocks and that made Dad really excited. He said that he hopes that I will have to wear one too… I asked the bilingual coordinator and she said that I could if I wanted to, but I didn’t have to. Pictures of that to come… haha

After checking out the school we walked towards my apartment and checked out the neighborhood (Prosperidad). The walk to my school from the apartment is probably about 15 minutes and I stay on the same two roads the whole time. Pretty convenient I must say! I’m so excited to meet more people tomorrow and to start working with the kids!!

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