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This weekend I have a “puente.” Since Tuesday is a holiday, the school also has Monday off, so this weekend is called a “puente” (“bridge”). I was worried that I’d be bored, but so far I’ve had a GREAT time! My friend Jackie and I went to El Rastro this morning, then to a mall. The mall wasn’t too far by bus, but since it was Sunday everything was closed except for the restaurants. We found American, Brazilian, Japanese/Chinese, Mexican, and Italian restaurants there as well as a bowling alley and a movie theater, so not all was lost! I had a cajun chicken sandwich for lunch, and it was a lot better than a lot of the Spanish food I have been eating!

After the mall we decided to come back to my apartment and decide on our next venture for the day. We decided to go to the Prado, but we didn’t have enough time to go to the Prado and then go to this parade/concert that we saw advertized on the metro. We decided to go to the Prado another day and we went to an Irish pub for a while and then the parade/free Concert (Calle 13 performed!). It was really fun!

We did a ton of walking today and it was great! I think I’ve lost about 5 pounds since I’ve been here, so that’ll tell you about how much walking I’ve done! 🙂 We are going back to the mall tomorrow so that we can actually shop, so that should be good. I hope I can find something unique to add to my wardrobe!

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