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Yes, it’s been a month…

I bet you thought I disappeared, didn’t you?! I’m still here, don’t worry! I don’t have anything too terribly exciting to report, except my first Spanish doctor’s visit! About two weeks ago I got pretty sick, so I ended up going to the doctor. I wasn’t dying or anything, but I had a painful dry cough that was driving me up the wall!

I get to the doctor’s office and it’s inside of an apartment building. There are three staircases, so I just kinda wander around for a bit before I finally pick the right one (it was the 2nd one I tried). I get to the office and it looks just like a little apartment, only there are a few extra people around. The waiting room was pretty small, and it only had six chairs that were pretty close together. That made me pretty self-conscience because of my cough! The receptionist and a random nice older lady both gave me some candy to suck on to soothe my throat. How sweet!

I didn’t really have any problems at the doctor, but it sure is hard talking about medical things in Spanish! I’m glad that it wasn’t something too serious, or else I would have needed a medical dictionary or something! In the end, she told me that I had pharyngitis and advised me not to go to school for two days. I spent the next few days in bed! In total I spent almost a whole week in bed and it was pretty much driving me mad. I had serious cabin fever.

Good thing that I’m back to normal now!

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I lost my voice!! I sound horrible, and I’m not really sure what happened. I felt fine other than my voice for the first day, but last night and today I started to have a little cough. I hope I’m not getting really sick! The kids thought it was really strange that I had no voice. They all asked me “¿por qué estás afónica (why did you lose your voice)?” Poor kids… I had to squeak all day!