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On Monday we went to Aveiro. If you look on the map, it is just south of Porto on the coastal side. We took a train from Porto to get there and it was only 5,60 roundtrip. Not bad! Each way was about one hour.
Aveiro is famous for a couple of things, one of them being ovos moles. We had to get some!

They are made from egg yolks and sugar. The texture was a bit weird to me, but I enjoyed the taste. They mold them into a bunch of different shapes. I think I had a pinecone-shaped one.
Aveiro has a canal system, which was nice to see! We didn’t do a boat tour, but I snapped a quick photo.
While we were there we toured the university campus, went shopping, ate a lot of sweets, and took a bajillion photos. Overall it was a nice place, but I didn’t think that there was so much to do there. I would definitely recommend it as a daytrip and nothing longer.
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Portugual, continued!

I’ve spent the last 4 days in Portugal and I’ve had a great time! I stayed in a suburb of Porto with a friend in his family’s home. *NOTE: We took a day trip to Aveiro, but I will write a separate blog post for that.* His family was so nice and I really enjoyed seeing the everyday aspect of their lives. Leça da Palmeira (my friend’s town) has a beach, but most of what I saw was pretty rocky. My friend told me that there is a section there that is mostly sand and that’s where he goes. Although very rocky, the beach was beautiful! We went to the roof of an old chapel and took pictures on the rocks. Here are a couple of photos!

Sitting on a rock overlooking the water

You have to get down from the rocks somehow!!

Porto is a beautiful city! I’m really glad that I got the chance to see it again, as I only stayed for less than two days on my last visit. I like that it feels really old. A lot of the buildings are rundown and dirty, but I think that it adds to the beauty. Among the older/dirtier buildings there are plenty of really nice modern touches to the city. For example, the bridge between Porto and Gaia is beautiful! It overlooks the river and the lighting is spectacular!
This last scenery photo was taken from Sé do Porto. From there you have a great view of Porto, as it is on a hill.
Look out for my post on Aveiro!
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