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today’s adventures

I haven’t really had a lot of time to fill in the blanks about my trip thus far, so I’m using this time to do a recap! 🙂

We left Atlanta on Wednesday around 7PM and arrived in Madrid around 10AM. Getting through customs was so fast! The agent didn’t even ask us any questions… that was weird since I’m used to the mini-interrogation at customs. We got our bags pretty quickly and we took a cab to Gran Vía where our hotel is. The ride over was pretty awkward and funny at the same time. We get into the cab and the driver has a 70s/80s/90s hits station playing and we heard Lionel Richi AND No Doubt on the same ride. Awesomeeee! We also passed a billboard of Dad’s favorite king.

He’s fatter in Spain apparently.

We got to the hotel and our room wasn’t ready, so we went to find a place to eat. We ate at a sidewalk cafe close by and we discovered what we call “Hooker Alley.” On this BUSY, normal street there are prostitutes everywhere!! They aren’t even subtle either. I saw them grabbing guys’ arms and trying to get them to talk to them to strike up a deal. We saw one that I was 90% sure was really a man. Good times.

I got my cell phone and went to orientation after our room was ready and then I spent the whole day in orientation on Friday. After orientation I met Dad and Peggy in the metro and we went to check out an apartment in the Prosperidad neighborhood. The apartment was really nice, but the 2 girls that live there were better. They were so sweet! They were patient with us, because I had to do a lot of translating for Dad and Peggy. I move in early next week and it’s only 15 minutes walking from one of my schools! I’m sure that I’ll buy some good walking shoes before I start doing that…

I went to the calle Serrano opening festival today and Retiro park. I did sooo much walking! Look who we found!

Was that recap good enough? 🙂

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